Preparing For An Interview

Preparing For An Interview

After applying for multiple teaching or educational positions, you may be wondering what they may ask. Here’s a few questions you my encounter to help you prepare.

Introduction Video

The interviewer may be a recruiter or HR of the company. They may not be the one making the hiring decision. It’s always helpful to have a 2-5 minute introduction video to tell them more about yourself. Be sure to look professional with your clothing and hair (including facial hair). Follow these suggested guidelines for your video:

  1. Introduce yourself. (name, location, overall personality)

  2. Professional experience that relevant to the position you’re applying for (include volunteer and internship experience)

  3. Why do you want to go to China? (culture, food, location, history, etc.) [DON’T MENTION MONEY: to save money, pay off debt, send money home, etc.]

  4. What can you offer? (you can offer your culture, diversity, experience and can learn the culture to have a better understanding of it.

Demonstration Video

It may not be required, but a lot of times they may request a demonstration video of you teaching in some capacity. The video doesn’t necessarily need to have a classroom of people in it. A whiteboard, a good microphone and a well prepared lesson may suffice.

Interview Questions

Have you ever taught (children, adults, etc.): Even if you’ve never taught them in an official classroom setting, think of times when you interacted with them frequently. Sound confident in your ability to teach them now. Give examples if you need to.

What would you do if you realize your students aren’t understanding the content you’re teaching? If teaching children, use games, songs, pictures and props to reinforce your content. If teaching adults, games and entertainment they can relate to are good tools.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? This is something that only you would know. You will have to think of the appropriate responses to answer the question.

Where do you see yourself in (number) of years? Whatever your answer is, make sure you tie that country and culture back into your answer. Example: After leaving China in 2 years, I hope to continue to teaching in other countries. I want to use my experience in China to help educate people on ideas and clear up any misconceptions they may have. Make your answer personal, but if the interviewer hears that you want to do more to help out their country and culture, you’ll earn some points.

What nationality are you? They really want to know how Western you are. That’s what they like and that’s why the look for people with western passports. United States, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South African and Ireland are the most common places they desire.

Why did you choose (this country)? First find out more about the cultural norms for the country you chose. In this case, the location would be China. Maybe your real reason is to pay off student loans, save money or travel. Those aren’t the answers I’d suggest giving. For the sake of the interview, I’d advise to tell them of your interest in that country. You are interested in learning about the culture, food, building international relationships, etc. You want to teach and learn more about them, as well. You don’t want them to feel like you are only coming to take something and not give anything in return.

What is your expected salary? Do your research. Look at the salary range for the position you applied for. For example: The salary ranges from 25,000-30,000RMB. If you have years of experience, with education higher than the one they require, you want to plead your case as to why you deserve the max salary for this position.

I hope this helped better prepare you. You will find the right position soon.

Good Luck!

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