VPN: Unblocking Websites

VPN: Unblocking Websites

* Note * Although, this may apply to other countries, this post is specific to China.

Don't miss out on your favorite sites like Google, social media, or banking its from back home. Keep reading to understand how a VPN will help.

Unblocking Censorship

China has censorship on it's media outlets and internet connections. In other words, Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and more are BLOCKED! To get around the censorship, people use a VPN (virtual private network). It allows users to change their IP address to another country. Turn the VPN on, choose a country from it's provided options and switch the IP address. Once it's on, your internet will open access to all of the blocked sites. A great tip is to choose the country to which you want to appear to be surfing from. I prefer the United States. It gives me access to everything I’m used to from home. Without it, you're restricted to using Chinese websites for your web searching. So, unless you can understand Chinese, get a VPN.

Securing Unsecured Networks

Another added benefit is a secure connection. When connected to free and public networks such as restaurants and coffee shops, it's keeps your connection secure. This is the best time to conduct sensitive surfing, such as banking.

Using Your VPN

When choosing a VPN, consider the activities to be conducted most frequently. Some VPNs are better for streaming, some have data limits, encryption security, etc. Figure out what you value most in a feature and choose one accordingly. Make sure the VPN will be compatible for with your current platform (iOS, Android, etc.).

Free VPNs: Worth It?

There are some free VPN services out there. I wouldn't recommend using those regularly. They are paid for by ads and the data collection is subject to whatever agreement made between the partnering companies. Go to free vs. paid VPNs to learn more about the differences between the two.

Trusted VPNs

Three very popular VPNs are Hotspot Shield, NordVPN and ExpressVPN. Decide which VPN is best suitable for your needs. After choosing a VPN, download it BEFORE leaving your home country to ALL devices that will be WiFi-connected. I use both Hotspot Shield and ExpressVPN. depending on what’s going on in the location I’m in. Both are great products and I like having two reliable backups in case I need them. Each company provides excellent customer service. NordVPN is another great option with a has a budget-friendly price point. I always recommend having a backup (or a few). Each VPN is still subject to having technical issues. It is best to be and stay prepared. Review the benefits of each VPN listed below and decide what will work best for you.

HotSpot Shield Horizontal Logo.jpg

Hotspot Shield

  • As low as $2.99/month

  • Use on all platforms and all devices

  • Unlimited data for unlimited browsing and streaming

  • Military-grade encryption and security

  • 3,200+ ultra-fast VPN servers in 70+ countries

  • Connect 5 devices under 1 account

  • Dedicated, live 24/7 tech support

  • Complete privacy from your ISP and other trackers

  • No hassle 45-day money-back guarantee



  • As low as $2.99/month

  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • 24/7 Support

  • 5714 servers and 59 countries

  • High Speed

  • Kill switch technology



  • As low as $6.67/month

  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • 24/7 Support

  • 160 VPN Locations

  • Kill Switch Technology

  • Split Tunneling

  • Refer a Friend Program: You and a friend can get 30 days free (click here to learn more)

Learn More About VPNs

Still unclear on how to use a VPN? Check out the links below.

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Get the best from your VPN. Choose wisely. Good Luck!

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